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Each group consists of a maximum of 10 students. The program includes 4 lessons or less per day of 50 minutes each, which are given in Spanish. The emphasis is placed on conversation. As the contents are reasonably flexible, students are welcome to make suggestions for topics of conversation. Grammar is taught in context. Written explanations of grammar points are available in English and Spanish to aid your understanding.

Course levels and assessment

The following descriptions of the various course levels will assist you in judging your own level of ability. You are asked to indicate your level on the enrolment form. On the first day of the course you will be given a placement test, the results of which will be discussed with you in detail. It is still possible to change courses at a later stage, if necessary. Tailor made courses are also possible.

Level 1 (Beginners):This course is designed for absolute beginners. Basic vocabulary and grammar structures are taught which should enable you after a short time to cope with everyday Spanish life and to react in important situations.
Level 2 (Elementary):This course is for students with some previous knowledge of the Spanish language. The student's vocabulary is extended so that he or she can master everyday situations. The important indicative tenses are also dealt with.
Level 3 (Intermediate):Students should have a good knowledge of the Spanish language. In grammar the indicative tenses are revised and the most important forms of the subjunctive are dealt with. The emphasis is on being able to express oneself fluently.
Level 4 (Advanced):This course is intended for those who would like to perfect their use of Spanish and revise the finer points of grammar. They learn to express themselves at a elevated level and at the same time to understand and use a large number of the countless idioms, including local ones.

A selection of Argentinian and Spanish textbooks form the basis of the course. The texts describe everyday life in Argentina and include both general and current topics. In addition the school provides its own teaching materials. Materials are included in the prices!

All participants will receive a certificate at the end of the course. The certificate states the student personal details, which language course was attended and the course dates. There is no examination. Should you wish that the certificate contains further information such as course content, grammar and acquired language skills, then lets us know in advance.

Los grupos se componen de un número máximo de 10 alumnos. Serán cuatro horas diarias de 50 minutos y se impartirán en español. Nuestro método consiste en hacer especial hincapié en la conversación trabajando la gramática paralelamente. Por otra parte, cualquier proposición de los estudiantes es bienvenida. Nuestro objetivo es flexibilizar la dinámica de la clase y adaptarla a las necesidades de nuestros alumnos.
Los siguientes niveles tienen como objetivo conseguir el curso adecuado a sus conocimientos de la lengua.

Nivel 1: Principiante
Este curso está indicado para principiantes. Se darán tanto vocabulario como estructuras gramaticales básicas que le permitirán en poco tiempo desenvolverse en situaciones cotidianas y reaccionar antes imprevistos.
Nivel 2: Elemental
Este nivel es para personas que ya tienen una base de conocimientos. Se ampliará el vocabulario y se tratarán todos los tiempos del indicativo.
Nivel 3: Intermedio
Adecuado para personas con un buen nivel gramatical. Se repasarán todos los tiempos del indicativo y se trabajarán las formas del Subjuntivo. Se da en este curso especial importancia a que los alumnos alcancen una buena fluidez en la expresión oral.
Nivel 4: Avanzado
Ideal para aquellos alumnos que quieran perfeccionar el español y conocer las sutilezas gramaticales. Aprenderán a expresarse a un nivel elevado y al mismo tiempo aprenderán a entender y aplicar gran parte de los incontables modismos, parte de ellos regionales.

Certificado general
Todos los alumnos reciben al final del curso un certificado de asistencia al curso de español. Este certificado recoge la realización del curso de español, y contiene los datos personales y del curso. No hay examen. Si necesita un certificado con mas detalles de la gramática o del nivel logrado, se puede ampliar el certificado.

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  1. Hey there!
    I wonder how long is the miniminum period of time for joining a group course... i'm taking a Spanish course in Buenos Aires, and i'm only going to Salta for a week or so, but i wouldn't like to miss the chance of learning some more there ;)
    could you give me an email i can send you this and other questions to? Thanks!

  2. Hello Klara!

    Thank you for contact us.
    You can take one week course in Salta! If you have more questions and you are interested in taking classes in our school, please feel free to write us. This is our email:
    Best regards,

    Ivana Taritolay